The seven CargoMate values

The seven CargoMate values

While we are committed to building technology that makes shipping more efficient and sustainable, we are also committed to building a company and community that people love being a part of. To that end, we have decided to publish our company values to the world so that potential clients, partners, and employees know more about who we are, what we are about, and how we operate. Continue reading “The seven CargoMate values”

NEWS: CargoMate close £500,000 seed round

CargoMate saves container shipowners time and money

CargoMate close £500,000 seed round

Port call optimisation platform to use funding to expand their team and continue product development

London, UK: Shipping technology startup CargoMate has closed a £500,000 seed investment round. The investment allows the company to continue the development of their port call optimisation platform for container ships and expand the number of shipping companies they work with.

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Nick Chubb MNI is Head of Growth at CargoMate. He started his career as a deck officer in the Merchant Navy and has been working in technology sales and marketing in London since he came ashore. Before joining CargoMate Nick led the development of Learn@Sea, a digital education platform for seafarers with over 10,000 members and founded Antares Insight, a strategy consultancy which helps clients in the maritime sector understand and implement emerging technology.