Four SaaS products that will improve your fleet performance

Four SaaS products that will improve your fleet performance

Behind operating a safe ship, and protecting the environment, improving the performance of your fleet should be one of the top strategic goals for any liner operator. But working out how to improve performance can often involve projects which are expensive to run and have no guarantee of results. The good news is there are now hundreds of SaaS businesses popping up with clever ideas that serve the shipping and maritime industry.

Gone are the days of massive CapEx investments with hard to measure ROI. With manageable monthly or annual fees and little to no setup cost, investing in a SaaS product is a low-risk way to improve performance; if you don’t see a return, just cancel.

Here are four of our favourite SaaS products that aim to improve vessel performance:



We4Sea provides a unique way for fleet management to monitor the fuel consumption of their ships without any CAPEX or physical equipment installation required. By building a digital twin of the vessel, their data-driven platform can monitor, report, and optimise fuel consumption of any conventionally powered ship. We4Sea can be up and running on a vessel within 24 hours and doesn’t require any additional hardware installation.

As well as monitoring fuel consumption and performance, We4Sea can also be used to run simulations of new engine configurations and equipment changes and has been independently verified for EU MRV reporting.

The most important asset on board any ship is the crew, making sure they get enough rest is vital to running a safe and efficient ship. Anyone who’s worked at sea will tell you that, while incredibly important, tracking work and rest hours is time consuming and involves huge amounts of paperwork.

Workrest brings hours of rest compliance into the 21st century. It allows the crew to record their hours on any device, online or offline. All entries get synced to a vessel dashboard where they can be viewed and reviewed, digitally signed off, and exported. The app automatically monitors compliance and offers daily reminders for the crew to log their hours.

By using Workrest crew spend less time chasing paperwork, and more time safely and efficiently operating your ships.



Improving the performance of your fleet isn’t just about your ships, it’s also about improving yield management. Having the right boxes in the right place, at the right time to maximise revenue was a dark art until Transmetrics came along.

Transmetrics provides demand forecasting and network optimisation using AI and predictive analytics. By predicting shipping volumes across the network, their platform allows you to maximise utilisation, reducing costs and increasing revenue.

To do this, they first use AI to cleanse and enrich the data you are collecting and then use it to build forecasts of future demand which can be used by fleet management to optimise the network accordingly.



OK, so we’re a little biased because we built it, but we think the CargoMate platform is a game changer when it comes to getting in and out of port as efficiently as possible. It’s pretty well acknowledged that there is an information black hole once a ship gets alongside in port. CargoMate removes that black hole.

How long will cargo operations take? When will the ship be able to sail? Are there going to be any delays? These are all questions that are vital if you want your port call to run smoothly and be as efficient as possible, but until now it’s been impossible to get a consistent picture in every port worldwide.

By digitizing the ship’s cargo log book and making use of the data collected, the CargoMate platform can predict the earliest time a ship can leave port, saving hours in each port call, anywhere in the world. By saving time in port, ships can sail slower, burn less fuel, and generate less pollution.

As with countless other industries, the SaaS model makes the best software in maritime available to everyone, from the biggest players right down to tiny vessel operators. Whatever your size, if you’re looking for ways to improve your fleet performance get in touch with one of the companies mentioned above.

Nick Chubb MNI is Head of Growth at CargoMate. He started his career as a deck officer in the Merchant Navy and has been working in technology sales and marketing in London since he came ashore. Before joining CargoMate Nick led the development of Learn@Sea, a digital education platform for seafarers with over 10,000 members and founded Antares Insight, a strategy consultancy which helps clients in the maritime sector understand and implement emerging technology.

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