Our Story

The CargoMate Story

CargoMate was born out of a desire to improve efficiency in the shipping industry and build a company that people love being part of.

Co-founder and CEO Chris Jones is a former Merchant Navy officer who spent 12 years working on container ships. During his time at sea, he realised that ships generate vast amounts of data that isn’t capitalised on or used. By increasing data intelligence, ships could sail more efficiently and save money by reducing their fuel consumption.

Co-founder and CTO Dennis Sandmark is a full-stack software engineer who was looking to solve an old industry problem and build a company where people care about their work and love what they do.

Entrepreneur First made CargoMate possible by bringing Chris and Dennis together, providing guidance, mentoring and backing to get their idea off the ground in a notoriously slow-adoption industry.

We’re proud to be an EF portfolio company.

CargoMate is now a growing team of maritime industry professionals and software engineers who have come together to build a platform that is changing how container ships operate. We’re constantly on the lookout for new talent so if you’d like to join us on our journey drop us a line to crew@cargomate.co.uk and introduce yourself or check out our live roles on AngelList.