CargoMate's groundbreaking product brings technology to the operation of container ships, capturing and capitalising on data that's never been used effectively until now. Our unique system is made up of three distinct components; the device, the platform and the dashboard.

CargoMate Device

The CargoMate device represents a step change in operations reporting.  It allows a ship's crew to monitor and record port operations faster, more easily and more accurately than ever before.

We don't believe crew should have to learn complex new systems that take months to master. CargoMate has been designed from the ground up to be as intuitive and easy to use as possible.

Endless paperwork on board ship is bad for productivity and bad for morale. CargoMate enables the crew to effortlessly keep a complete log of events while in port wherever they are on board. In addition, the crew have the information they need to effectively load and discharge the ship at their fingertips. Real-time cargo intelligence in a robust, handheld device.

CargoMate offers crew a better way to record what's important, reducing workload and improving reporting, but the real magic of CargoMate is what comes next...

CargoMate Device

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CargoMate Platform

Data collected by CaroMate devices from across the globe is synced with our cloud-based platform.

The CargoMate platform builds models of container terminals across the world. By modelling, it can predict the performance of a port, terminal, berth, and even a single gantry crane.

Terminal performance models are combined with real-time data to accurately predict cargo completion time. For the first time, it's possible to know in advance when a ship will be able to sail in every port.

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CargoMate Dashboard

CargoMate Web Dashboard

CargoMate's dashboard gives ship operators complete visibility of their fleet and the tools to make data-driven decisions to reduce costs.

Whether a ship is five miles or 5,000 miles away, built-in alerting and notifications mean that important information is never missed. Proactive voyage optimisation is now possible before the vessel has even departed.

From sailing early to save fuel, to mitigating the costs of delays, CargoMate gives operators the power to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and save the environment.

CargoMate's reporting tools allow fleet management to independently benchmark performance of terminals to aid strategic decision making when designing routes and services. 

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